Graduation Ceremony in Mubumbano TVET School on the 27th July 2016
March 7, 2019
Updates on Mubumbano TVET School
August 8, 2019

The diocese supported graduates with 10 sewing machines

Butare Diocese fundraised money to purchase 10 sewing machines that were offered to 10 tailoring graduates.

However, 50 students have graduated in the past two years, and they all need to be supported with sewing machines, as startup materials.

Please donate to this worthy cause!

Graduate Tailoring Students with their new sewing machines offered by the Diocese. The Diocese diligently worked to raise the funds to purchase these ten machines. Fifty more are desperately needed for students who have already graduated.
Graduating Tailoring Students with Sewing Machines On Loan from the Diocese
Tailoring graduates students with Sewing machines offered by the Diocese.

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